The Best Midtown Sacramento Coffee Shops

At some point in my adult life, drinking coffee has become a hobby. It started as a necessity to stay awake after the inevitable food coma begins to kick in, and has since turned into something I seek out when I travel. And it’s not just about tasting great coffee, but also about admiring how coffee shops have designed their interiors and created an atmosphere for long chats and lazy Sunday afternoons. Having been been posted up in Sacramento for three months now, I’ve discovered four amazing coffee shops in Midtown Sacramento. So here goes, my list of the best Midtown Sacramento coffee shops and what each has to offer.


There are four Pachamama locations, two in Sacramento and two in Davis. The Midtown Pachamama is on 919 20th Street. When I entered the coffee shop to place my order, I immediately noticed their pamphlets talking about their story as a farmer-owned coffee brand.

I’m still learning about how coffee is sourced, what’s considered ethical vs. not, and what’s considered fair trade. And while I’ve become familiar with the “fair trade” coffee roasters that are taking over cities like San Francisco by storm, Pachamama is the first coffee shop I’ve come across that’s owned by farmers. Like that is so cool!! It’s an amazing feeling when you not only get great coffee but can also support local businesses with ethical practices.

Pachamama offers a wide selection of drip coffees with different tasting notes. Their barista went to great lengths to introduce the different drip offerings to me. You can be sure I’ll be back for more.

The Mill

The Mill also has multiple locations: one in Midtown and one in East Sac. The Midtown store is located on I Street and the storefront’s aesthetics are so pretty! The coffee shop is worth a visit just to take pictures in front of the cafe.

What’s cool about The Mill is that it serves coffee and premium teas. They also roast their own coffee beans and sell them through their coffee brand: Bouquet Coffee Roasters.

Aside from coffee, they also serve delicious waffles with amazing jam to go with. This is a great spot to stop by for some good vibes and breakfast before starting your day.

Temple Coffee Roasters

Temple Coffee Midtown Sacramento Viv the Wanderer

If you search for “coffee” on Yelp in Sacramento, Temple will likely be listed as a top 10 Sacramento coffee shop. It’s another coffee shop with multiple locations, and the Midtown store is tucked away in a residential area on K Street.

Temple is likely popular because of its creative drink menu: Mexican Mocha, Kyoto Slow Drip, and Enlightenment (actually a tea drink!) are just some of the beverage options. The first drink I had at temple was the Enlightenment, which is made up of jasmine green tea, steamed soy milk, and honey. It’s like the green tea version of the London Fog, and it’s hard to forget.

There’s also delicious pastries to choose from, including Vegan options. The days I don’t know which coffee shop I want to visit in Midtown Sac, I often default to Temple Coffee Roasters.

Milka Coffee Roasters

So far Milka is my favorite Sacramento coffee shop to “dine at.”

It’s located in a historical building that blends in with the other residential buildings in the area. Inside the building, there are three rooms that simulate a dining room, living room, and an entertainment room. When indoor dining was an option, the rooms were furnished to look like you were at someone’s house. It had a super cozy vibe to it!

Even though indoor dining is not currently an option, Milka has set up some tables to the left of the entrance that make for a good compromise. It’s especially nice to sit there and sip on an iced latte on a sunny day. Milka Coffee Roasters is probably the one place I would bring my friends who are visiting Sacramento to get coffee. The atmosphere is so unique.

Midtown Sacramento Has Coffee Lovers Covered

So there you have it. My top four Midtown Sacramento coffee shops.

Coffee shops are special to me – not only do they serve the great invention that is coffee, they also create an atmosphere that brings people together. I’ve had so many conversations at coffee shops that each coffee shop I’ve visited have left a special memory in my heart.

If you enjoyed reading this, check out my San Francisco coffee shop guide next! It’s a list I accumulated after living there for seven years. So you know it’s legit.

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